Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ava is my little sleeper in the morning...she doesn't like mornings, just like her mama. She'd easily sleep until 9-10, if Charlotte didn't wake up around 7 and make a ton of noise. Lately if Charlotte is fussing, just fussing, I won't go get her like I would when she was younger...in an effort to help her self soothe herself better and it works. If she cries and sounds upset, I'll go in. Most of the time her fussing tapers off until she's sleeping again. Anyway, this morning she was fussing and I am half asleep and all the sudden I hear Ava yell (from her room, she was still in bed) "Charlotte! You fine! Go back to sleep!"


Yesterday (?) she was reading The Hungry Caterpillar. It went something like this "Once upon a time, there was a very hungry caterpillar. He was very hungry and he ate very hungry food. The end."

Love that kid. She was reading it again later and I got her to do it on video. It sounds a little different every time, but still cute... I'll upload and post it...at some point, lol.

Charlotte will now say "WHAT?" when you call her name, lol. And she throws temper tantrums already. She flaps her arms in the air and throws herself on the floor if she doesn't get her way. She tries to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and it's so cute, she slowly rocks her head from side to side and in baby talk gets the tune right and some of the words. She also grabs her toes and says "WEE WEE WEE!" (this little piggie)...too cute.

Ava dressed herself today... purple pants (leggings, but capri length), a fushia (hot pinkish)/orange striped tunic, a baby pink sweater (buttoned all the way), a hot pink hat (the kind with the fluffy ball on top), and her brown mary-janes with pink flower on them. Nice. At least Charlotte matches :o) We're having a pajama day anyway really. My stomach hurts... a muscle has been bothering me for days and then yesterday I sneezed and ohhhhh my goodness it hurt so bad. Then I was feeling around and there was a bump on the muscle. Lovely... later I felt around again and it had gone down, but it still hurts...so I'm having trouble with lifting and such today. I didn't even want to move this morning.

Mike is at the firehall... again. I know he's used to working and not being home as much as he is lately, but it really bugs me when he goes on a call, misses riding anything, and still hangs out at the firehall for an hour or two or three or four just because (or when he just plain goes to hang out and takes forever). Feels like he'd rather be there than here, and well obviously he would since he does that. I don't know... he went to go work out there around 11, and called me around 2 saying he was going to hang out for another half hour and then come home. What was the point of that phone call?? Seriously, what is another half hour, after being gone for three hours already. And I don't really believe he'll actually be home until more like 3 or 4. Maybe. If they don't get a call. I mean, it's snowing...he could be playing with his kids in it or something but instead they're stuck inside since I can really be carrying Charlotte around right now (and I'm not an outdoors kinda gal anyway, but he actually is)... and I'm really annoyed that he'd just go and be gone this long when he knows my stomach is bothering me and Charlotte still does need to be picked up so often.

Got our new couches for the family room. LOVE them. I like them better than the set I got for the living room. They are so soft and comfy...and even though they take up more room, this space just looks less cluttered now, which is nice. We put the recliner upstairs in our room since I still rock Charlotte to sleep at night and for most naps.

I think I'm going to go heat up some chili for lunch now...my tummy is growling now. Then I need to get started on some baking for family gift baskets.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Ava just looked out the window, and shouted (girly squealy shouting) "Look, look! Mommy!!! LOOK! It's snowing! It's snowing! WOOHOO!! I'm so glad it's snowing!"


I just finished mopping the downstairs and now I'm about to mix up some banana bread and start dinner...but I had to hop on and save that little memory.