Friday, August 7, 2009

Powdery Mildew

Waaaah, my squash ended up getting powdery mildew. I read somewhere to cut the leaves that have it off, and then to try to keep it at bay with some different sprays I could make at home. Set to work hacking off leaves.... my poor plants!

Except, we ended up cutting off a ton of leaves, and then when we started picking the squash that were big enough, noticed that some were definitely getting gross as a result of the mildew... there were babies just starting to grow so I hated to do it, but they would have probably just rotted anyway, so we pulled the plants out. A few of the squash were still good...I have a basket full sitting on my kitchen counter.

So, I planted another zucchini but not another yellow squash since I think over crowding didn't help the problem. Hopefully it grows enough to get a little more harvest and I guess I'll just be buying my yellow until I can plant again. I'd like to put two smaller beds in next year...or in the fall and just not use them until next year...we'll see.

"tiny" little guy that was still good to eat.

Cuke! So far I've only picked one... there are two or three growing right now on the vine. One looks like a ball, it's funny. I wonder if it'll lengthen or just keep getting fat...not sure why I didn't snap a pic of that one.

I ended up letting a couple radishes go to flower. They're pretty :o) Maybe I'll plant some out front, haha.

The last two yellows before the plants got ripped out... ::sniff, sniff::