Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Daddy's Girl

How sweet is this little note that Ava left for her daddy? 
"I <3 You Dad.  Have a good time at work."

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Leen the Graphics Queen!

As promised... a few more of the goodies I got from Leen the Graphics Queen!

I recently won the "Shut the Front Door to Keep it All In" giveaway (hosted by The Inspired Room, Infarrantly Creative, and many other fabulous crafty blogs that I could only dream of aspiring to!) and one of the prizes was a gift certificate to Leen the Graphics Queen!

I highly recommend her shop for your vinyl needs!  :)

Just what I needed for my master bath, over the tub.  I think I might "frame" it out too for more impact.

I put this in the hallway upstairs, between the girls rooms.

In the stairway. 

In our foyer. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Life Between the Tones

Check out my husband and our sweet little girls over at Life Between the Tones!

I highly recommend reading, a fellow fire wife, who writes about the life.  :)  I adore the title of her blog because it's so true, as a volunteer fire family, sometimes it seems like life really is between the tones!

Here is the photo used in her post about children and their fears, as well as a few others from that day (this was a couple of years, the girls still had such baby faces!)

And how much do you LOVE that photo she posted of the teenage girls on the back of an engine?  Keep Back 500 Feet?!  Hilarious!  I'm totally stealing that idea and tucking it away for when my girls are older.

Vinyl Chalkboards

I love chalkboards!

I recently won the "Shut the Front Door to Keep it All In" giveaway (hosted by The Inpsired Room, Infarrantly Creative, and many other fabulous crafty blogs that I could only dream of aspiring to!) and one of the prizes was a gift certificate to Leen the Graphics Queen!
I got so many lovely goodies for my walls, and I'll be sure to share them all with you, but for now, I just wanted to show you these sweet little chalkboard decals I selected.  I put them in my daughters rooms, and I plan to get a little white ledge shelf or maybe of those Ikea spice racks to put underneath to hold chalk and an eraser.  Oooh, or maybe some hooks and little metal pails! 
The girls leave lots of sweet little notes and draw adorable pictures.  My oldest writes out her daily "to-do" lists! 
They are fairy small as far as chalkboards go, but perfect for little hands!  They were so easy to stick to the wall and I love that if we get tired of them or outgrow them we can just peel them off. 

Tooth Fairy Magic - Glitter Money

The Tooth Fairy has been making quite a few stops at our house lately! 
I had seen a fun idea around the web at when a recent tooth was lost, I had to try it!
I grabbed my can of glitter hairspray (I had purchased for a Fairy Festival, but hey, with two little girls -- who doesn't need glitter hair spray for something now and then?  We use it often, for cheerleading, for Halloween, and just for a little fun!).  I think I got it at Party City. 
I sprayed the hairspray directly on to a one dollar bill.  I just held it on my hand so I could do both sides at once.  I used my hair dryer on a low setting to quicken the drying process so I could set it down.
In retrospect, I could have just done one side at a time laying flat on a towel.  But I'm nothing if not impatient!  :) 
Next, I took some quarters and gave them two coats of glitter nail polish that had a clear base.  I used two different polished just for more glitter/colors. 
When my oldest lost her first tooth, my youngest was not yet old enough to understand why the tooth fairy would only leave her sister something, so my oldest suggested that maybe the tooth fairy would leave her something too.  And thus a pattern had begun of the tooth fairy always leaving a little something for the other sibling, even if they hadn't left a tooth out for her. 
So, the coins went to my youngest on this particular night, and the dollar went to my oldest who had lost the tooth.  :) 

The tooth fairly also leaves "Fairy Money," which is simply the little glass gems used for vase fillers that you can find in bags at any dollar store.  We had gone to a Fairy Festival once and a gorgeous fairy roamed the grounds and gave the children one of these gems when they came to see her.  It was sweet and the kids found it so very magical, that I ran with it. 
The tooth fairy also leaves a little trinket (in the photo above, there is a small paper doll magnet set).  I pick up little toys, hair accessories, jewelry randomly for $1 or less and keep it in a box in my closet.  They are used for the tooth fairy, Easter baskets, stocking stuffers, etc.  Very handy for when I don't actually have any dollar bills handy, the tooth fairy always leaves "Fairy Money" but does not always leave glittery human money.  :)
Sometimes the tooth fairy leave a tiny note as well, which I also spray with glitter.  :)
With the last tooth lost, my daughter even left the tooth fairy a tiny note and picture!  She made it tiny just for the tooth fairy. 

Her note translated says "Dear Tooth Fairy, Open this please.  See what is inside."
"This," refers to a little box she uses to put her teeth in so the tooth fairy can always find them.  ;)