Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kids Say...

This morning: Charlotte wakes up, goes into Ava's room,

Charlotte: Why?
Ava: I don't want you in here!

Charlotte: Why? Why?


Charlotte was sitting on our bed after leaving Ava's room, she's babbling, asks me for some lotion (I keep a bottle on my bedside table) and then says something about a happy bird?? LOL


Ava: Mommy! Charlotte's hitting me with a shovel!
Me: Charlotte! Don't hit your sister with a shovel.
Charlotte looks at me puzzled and then proceeds to start "hitting" herself in the head with the shovel instead.


I said I needed a tissue and Charlotte starts running to the bathroom, she comes back with the teeniest tiniest square of toilet paper and proudly hands it to me. It was like a corner smaller than the tip of her finger, hahaha. :o)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kids Say...

Ahhh, Ava lately...

The other day, I am in the family room, Ava is in the kitchen. I hear rustling.

Me: Ava, what are you doing?
Ava: Nothing, mommy.
::rustle, rustle::
Me: Avaaaaa, what are you doing?
Ava: I told you, nothing mommy!
Me: Ava. What are you doing?
Ava: ::sigh:: I *already* TOLD you, mommy! NOTHING!

Apparently she went from 2 to 14 and I somehow missed it. Preschooler's got attitude! lol

She took a basket of toys into the bathroom the other day and shut the door. When I asked her why she was in the bathroom she yelled out the door "I'm NOT SHARING WITH CHARLOTTE, that's why I in the bathroom."

At dinner today, we had kid songs playing. Something came on and I said "Ooh! Laurie Berkner!" and Ava said "Yes, that's Laurie Berkner. You are certainly correct mommy."

Bathtime today, she gets undressed, stands on her stepstool, back facing me and says "See my little tushie, mommy?" and starts shaking her rump.

In the bath--Charlotte wants to play with some of the ducks and Ava said "No you can't have these ducks. That's not acceptable, Charlotte." ROFL.

Just now, Mike was putting one of her baby dolls in the toybox and she shook her finger at him and said "Nonononono, I need that." lol.

She cracks me up. Earlier today... she CRIED because Mike told her she was a big girl. "NOOOOO, I NOT A BIG GIRL!" ??? lol

Charlotte is starting to "count." She says "One. Three." LOL. You can't convince her there is a TWO. She shakes her head and says "THREE," lol. She is really in to hide and seek lately... she says "One, three, table!" and goes to hide under the table, lol. Then she'll say "Ready, go!"

Friday, March 13, 2009


Recycling yogurt cups :o)

Planting is hard work!

Sleepy bean... asked for her blankie, and proceeded to fall asleep in the box! She insisted on sitting in it all day.

A bit of a messy face... had just eaten a snack before this... while sitting in the box, lol.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Sweet Sleeping Babies

Mike was on a firecall, so I got the kids ready for bed and I needed to hop in the shower. Set them up watching CareBears in my room on my bed and before I even got in the shower this was Charlotte:

Which Ava thought was hilarious :o)

However, by the time I got out of the shower, this is what I saw. Not one sleeping bean, but two! :o)