Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I still haven't gotten a phone call, but they just told everyone that all of A Company is safe and sound ;o). What a relief!!

They will get to take their first hot shower in 5 months, eat a real meal (food is goooood there from what I hear, lol. Lobster and steak every Friday), and sleep without keeping one eye open.

We're winding down!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mosquito Bites

Anyone else get a horrible reaction to mosquito bites? I have eight on my legs right now...all itch like crazy, but one, is seriously bigger than a quarter! Even the smaller ones are dark dark red. I tried toothpaste, but I finally ask my husband to pick me up something for the itching on his way home from work.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Powdery Mildew

Waaaah, my squash ended up getting powdery mildew. I read somewhere to cut the leaves that have it off, and then to try to keep it at bay with some different sprays I could make at home. Set to work hacking off leaves.... my poor plants!

Except, we ended up cutting off a ton of leaves, and then when we started picking the squash that were big enough, noticed that some were definitely getting gross as a result of the mildew... there were babies just starting to grow so I hated to do it, but they would have probably just rotted anyway, so we pulled the plants out. A few of the squash were still good...I have a basket full sitting on my kitchen counter.

So, I planted another zucchini but not another yellow squash since I think over crowding didn't help the problem. Hopefully it grows enough to get a little more harvest and I guess I'll just be buying my yellow until I can plant again. I'd like to put two smaller beds in next year...or in the fall and just not use them until next year...we'll see.

"tiny" little guy that was still good to eat.

Cuke! So far I've only picked one... there are two or three growing right now on the vine. One looks like a ball, it's funny. I wonder if it'll lengthen or just keep getting fat...not sure why I didn't snap a pic of that one.

I ended up letting a couple radishes go to flower. They're pretty :o) Maybe I'll plant some out front, haha.

The last two yellows before the plants got ripped out... ::sniff, sniff::

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Moose!

This, is a moose, you know.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Fresh Veggies

Why pay for veggies when you can just walk into your backyard and get what you need? :o)

Picked these earlier today...

The next two pictures, were from last week. I loooove all the zucchini and yellow squash... and the girls are quite enjoying being able to pick peas and just eat them outside, lol. With all their help, I doubt I will end up getting enough at one time for a meal :o) They are a tasty little snack though, nice and sweet.

I'm really just playing aroud this year, I've never planted a veggie garden before so it's been a fun learning experience. Next year I'll be able to plan better now that I have seen first hand how big some things get and how much space they need and hopefully I'll get more return. I'd like to add in two (or more? lol) more raised beds. I have the wood for one, but I'm a bit ocd about having things even so I need to get enough for another before I bribe the husband in to putting them together. I guessssss I could put them together myself... if I have to... buuut I keep him around for a reason, you know! For playing with tools and taking out the trash. ;o)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Good thing I emptied my camera onto the computer this morning.

I decided today would be a good day to fill up the kiddie pool and just spend the day outside. Got the pool filled, kids were playing and having a good time...put the slide in it so they could have water slide. Made them lunch to eat out... good day. Set my camera on a chair for a second so I could turn the hose on and water my garden. Baaaaad idea... Charlotte ran over and grabbed it, I told her to put it down and she did. She went back over to the pool to play. So I'm watering and all the sudden I hear Charlotte squealing "Wook! Camera swimming!" Sure enough, camera was at the bottom of the pool. It had been probably 5 seconds... got it out, dried it off, turned it came on, but the screen was realllyyyyy dark... so I turned it off, took the battery and memory card out...shook it out and dried it off again and let it sit for a bit. Still won't work :o( Won't even turn on at all. Destructo baby, while I was dealing with my camera, decided to fill a bucket of water and dump it on the picnic table and was juuust about to dump some on my "outside bag" which had the house phone in it, lol...thankfully I got to her in time for that. A minute after that? Ava dumps out an entire box of crackers onto the grass. I had just opened it for them to have some with their lunch. ::siiiiiiiiigh:: I need a vacation, I decided we were coming inside "for a rest," and they are taking a nap. Probably more needed for me than for them, but they fell asleep quickly enough so I know they were tired too. I promised we'd go back out to play later, and we will. I'm so sad about my camera though. Really, it's not the best quality camera anyway (my older model actually took better pictures!) and it had been giving me some problems lately anyway so I guess I should just take it as a sign that I need to get a new one...but I don't want to fork over the moolah for it. I had some cute pictures and video from today too :o( Hopefully the memory card isn't ruined.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Naps!

It's hooooooooooot. ::whine:: I don't want to turn on the A/C yet. Girls aren't acting like they're hot so it's probably just me because I don't think it's really all that bad out today. Their cheeks usually get really red if they're at all hot and they look fine.

I'm starting to wonder about our mail service here, because something is wrong with either it or me, lol. Seriously, I swear I remember writing out checks for things, putting them in the mailbox, and then being told later I never paid something? Just yesterday we got a notice from our homeowners association about a storm repair they contracted, they paid, we paid them... it was like $40, I specifically remember writing the check, telling Mike I was paying it, and mailing it off. Waste of a stamp!! Need to go through our bank statements to make sure they didn't just make a mistake on that one. But then today, I got a notice from a tax attorney or somesuch saying that I didn't pay my per capita for 2008. Now, it's only 23.xx, but I don't NOT pay my taxes, lol. I either didn't get it, or sent it off and they didn't get it... I always write the date I wrote the check/mailed something off on the actual bill before I store it away, but of course our "filing cabinet" is really just one of those 3 drawer plastic things and papers are just thrown particular order. Need to fix that... but now I get the joy of later going through every single paper until I find (or not find) that tax statement/bill/whatever. I already started (and started separating everything into like piles for a start on real organization) but then Ava kept trying to wake up she finally did and now they're playing and I'm here because I have a headache and I'm procrastinating fixing dinner. Mike will hopefully be home at 6:30ish so I have a little time... and the kids ate two lunches today and plenty of snacks so they're good.

I was working on my grocery list too so that's somewhat productive I guess... heh.

Mike called me earlier and said they found a huge yard sale (yeah, great "work" guys, haha) and asked if I wanted to go check it out tomorrow. He said they both wanted to buy a wheelbarrow but didn't think they could get away with stashing them in the ambulance. They talked to the guy who was doing the selling and he said he'd be out there tomorrow to so that works.

So aside from that tomorrow I want to get some paint mixed up because I used almost all of the "house color" to paint my garden bed and we got the wood to make a smaller one for strawberries only so I'll need to paint that to match...and get the shed trim sanded and painted. And while I have the sander out hopefully sand and start painting the jelly cupboard my mom gave me...either for the garage or the kitchen... I have high hopes for tomorrow. We'll see if any of it actually gets done, lol.

I guess Saturday we are having a cook out. My mom called me the other day and said "are you having a party this weekend" "uhhh, no?" "well, you are now." LOL. Sounds good I guess. She said spread the word...but I don't really know anyone that would actually come up, especially last minute like that. I figure most people already have plans with it being a holiday weekend, so I'm just letting Mike invite who he wants. I might facebook/myspace a status about it...maybe, lol.

Uh oh, Ava's starting to try to take a nap. Must go disturb her!! LOL. No naps after 3:30pm!!

Kids Say

lol, so today Ava was eating her second lunch (yeah, lol) and she made a mess on the table. She said "Look mommy, I got my sour cream ALL OVER the table!" I asked her why she did that and she replied "Um. Because I don't like you." Stifling giggles I asked why she didn't like me and says "I do! I do like you!" All I could say was "well, good... 'cause I like you." She's funny.

The other day she was eating dinner and she had asked for an ice cream cone, I said sure if she finished her dinner. She asked for seconds and I gave them to her, but she hadn't eaten her noodles at all yet. Now, I don't really expect her to always finish her plate, but if she's hungry enough for ice cream, and she asked for seconds of one thing, and I *know* she likes what's on her plate, I do expect her to at least take a few bites, so after she kept begging for the ice cream I just said "Not until I don't see anymore noodles on your plate." And she said "okay." A few minutes later she asks for ice cream and says "There not anyyyy more noodles on my plate." I go to look and she's right...'cause she scooted them all off on to the table. @@ LOL... Yes, I gave her the ice cream. I should have chosen my words more carefully.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kids Say...

Ava: ::chewing on a care bear fruit snack::
I can't eat Care Bears!
::looks at the fruit snack pack:: I sorry I eat you.
::kisses bear on the pack::
I so sorry I eat you.

LOL...she was really concerned.

Playing dress up, she comes up to me wearing a play stethoscope.
Me: Are you a doctor??
Ava: Yes. I'm a doctor. A REAL doctor. But... not a REALLY real doctor.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kids Say

Ava today...

"Mommy, say Lola Charlie into this." ::hands me a toy she was pretending was a microphone::"Looooollaaaaa Chaaaaarliiiiieeeeee"

"Hahahha. That's a good one mommy." ::walks off chuckling at me:: ??? lol


"Are you guys hungry for lunch?"

"Yeah, lunch!"

After a quick look in the fridge I decide to pull out some lunchables I had picked up.

"Oh wow! You read my mind!" after seeing the lunchable on the table.



At the moment, they are running around and wearing a watch... Ava wears it, and says "What time is it? and Charlotte says "4:30!" err, "fo thuty" or something like that :o) Then Ava puts the watch on Charlotte and they repeat. It's been fo thuty for probably several hours now, lol.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Oh my gosh, I would have fallen to the floor. I can't even imagine.

I mean, to know what it's like to live in fear of that, and then for it to happen, only to...not happen? I guess it's a million times better than the alternative actually happening, but still.

And sometimes, maybe I need to be reminded of that...despite how many times I am annoyed by little things and bigger things alike...they really don't matter so much because they mean he's here.

"All those things that annoy the shit out of me about you suddenly and permanently didn't matter. Nothing else mattered. Just you."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kids Say...

Ahhhhahahahaha. Ava is sitting behind me at her table. She just sighed and said "Bills, bills, bills..." That child, hahaha.

So the children like to get into my makeup drawer and I keep my brush in there, they stole my brush and now it's lost. I asked Ava for it the other day, and she couldn't find it so she got me one of her brushes. I told her that it wouldn't work for what I wanted (round metal brush to dry my bangs, is what I wanted, she gave me a vent brush)... so she starts brushing her hair with it and says "See mommy, it do fine!" and gives it to me anyway. :o)

Charlotte is in love with my brother, her Uncle Adam lately. In the store the other day, she saw a girl with hair the length Adam has, so she kept shouting "Adam! Adam! Love you! Adam!" Hahaha. Anyone with hair like his she starts calling for them. She was sitting on my lap yesterday giving me kisses and then saying "kiss kiss," then she stopped and said "No. Wanna kiss Adam." LOL

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kids Say...

This morning: Charlotte wakes up, goes into Ava's room,

Charlotte: Why?
Ava: I don't want you in here!

Charlotte: Why? Why?


Charlotte was sitting on our bed after leaving Ava's room, she's babbling, asks me for some lotion (I keep a bottle on my bedside table) and then says something about a happy bird?? LOL


Ava: Mommy! Charlotte's hitting me with a shovel!
Me: Charlotte! Don't hit your sister with a shovel.
Charlotte looks at me puzzled and then proceeds to start "hitting" herself in the head with the shovel instead.


I said I needed a tissue and Charlotte starts running to the bathroom, she comes back with the teeniest tiniest square of toilet paper and proudly hands it to me. It was like a corner smaller than the tip of her finger, hahaha. :o)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kids Say...

Ahhh, Ava lately...

The other day, I am in the family room, Ava is in the kitchen. I hear rustling.

Me: Ava, what are you doing?
Ava: Nothing, mommy.
::rustle, rustle::
Me: Avaaaaa, what are you doing?
Ava: I told you, nothing mommy!
Me: Ava. What are you doing?
Ava: ::sigh:: I *already* TOLD you, mommy! NOTHING!

Apparently she went from 2 to 14 and I somehow missed it. Preschooler's got attitude! lol

She took a basket of toys into the bathroom the other day and shut the door. When I asked her why she was in the bathroom she yelled out the door "I'm NOT SHARING WITH CHARLOTTE, that's why I in the bathroom."

At dinner today, we had kid songs playing. Something came on and I said "Ooh! Laurie Berkner!" and Ava said "Yes, that's Laurie Berkner. You are certainly correct mommy."

Bathtime today, she gets undressed, stands on her stepstool, back facing me and says "See my little tushie, mommy?" and starts shaking her rump.

In the bath--Charlotte wants to play with some of the ducks and Ava said "No you can't have these ducks. That's not acceptable, Charlotte." ROFL.

Just now, Mike was putting one of her baby dolls in the toybox and she shook her finger at him and said "Nonononono, I need that." lol.

She cracks me up. Earlier today... she CRIED because Mike told her she was a big girl. "NOOOOO, I NOT A BIG GIRL!" ??? lol

Charlotte is starting to "count." She says "One. Three." LOL. You can't convince her there is a TWO. She shakes her head and says "THREE," lol. She is really in to hide and seek lately... she says "One, three, table!" and goes to hide under the table, lol. Then she'll say "Ready, go!"

Friday, March 13, 2009


Recycling yogurt cups :o)

Planting is hard work!

Sleepy bean... asked for her blankie, and proceeded to fall asleep in the box! She insisted on sitting in it all day.

A bit of a messy face... had just eaten a snack before this... while sitting in the box, lol.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Sweet Sleeping Babies

Mike was on a firecall, so I got the kids ready for bed and I needed to hop in the shower. Set them up watching CareBears in my room on my bed and before I even got in the shower this was Charlotte:

Which Ava thought was hilarious :o)

However, by the time I got out of the shower, this is what I saw. Not one sleeping bean, but two! :o)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I hate it when I'm PMSy... it makes me say things that I MEAN, but wouldn't normally actually SAY.

I also hate it when it feels like family comes second... and it pretty much always has for some reason or another in a roundabout way...but what you can do when you're dealing with the military... we chose to become and to have a family and that was that, it had to be second. Now he chooses to volunteer with the fire department and while that is wonderful and valiant and I'm proud of him and blah blah blah, I feel like he does it for the excitement and the adrenaline rush and because he enjoys it. That doesn't take away from what a good deed it is, but... Gah, unless you've been "here" it's hard to explain. Sad thing is, I guess I always knew it would be this way and I hate that it bothers me so much because I want to be the better person.

We were on our way home today and needed to stop and get milk. Mike forgot and we were almost home (I wasn't paying attention, my fault too), but then his pager started going off. Amazingly enough for a structure fire pretty much right where we were. So I ended up sitting in the car with a fussy baby (toddler!!) when it was 7:00, which is BED TIME, while he went to the scene of this call. Which was something-but-nothing...smoke filled house, but simply a pot on the stove that had been forgotten and left on--no actual fire. So, we finally leave from that and go get milk, get home and no sooner do I have Ava out of her carseat does his pager go off again. By that point it's well past bed time and he's about to hand me Charlotte outside and leave. I told him he had to be kidding me. He got upset. I got upset. He spouted off that of course the children come first, and I spouted off that, Um, yeah, they do, and fight over a stupid fire call ensues. He said that fine he wouldn't go and was all pissy about it so I told him to just leave, that I'd rather him go than stay if he was going to be like that. He refused to go because I'd be upset but I was already upset so we just bickered about it. He said fine he'd just let someone die. Now, 98% of the calls are not where someone would die, and granted there is that small percent--but there are other firefighters, and to me it just seems more that he enjoys the thrill and the rush and the not having to deal with bedtime (or whatever else) so my PMSy mouth popped off that "you act like such a saint, but you only do it for the excitement," or something along those lines. And I told him to just go several times and told him he might as well just spend the night at the firehall since he wanted to be there so bad and that I'd been fine handling the kids by myself for 8 months (actually, I've been on my own with one or both for at least a year, probably more--combined...which isn't much when you're talking military), what's another night. And he has brought that up before and I know he doesn't understand how difficult it can be when you're flying solo as a parent because I'm always here...and he just thinks I should be able to do it all. And I can, but it's not IDEAL if he's capable of helping. So, I shouldn't have said any of that. But man...I'd already just sat in the car with Charlotte fussing and it was way past their bedtime, Ava had fallen asleep in the car so now she would be up for awhile and not just go straight to sleep, and I know I've said it before but bedtime is haaaaaaard when it's just one person doing it for both who like to fall asleep on different floors. It takes a whole lot longer and it's really frustrating...and hello, PMS.

I really want to be better about this I just don't know how to get over the feeling of our family not coming first... I think I just have issues. I don't know. Don't know what to do about it either or how to make him understand when I don't totally understand myself... to him it probably just seems like I don't want him to have any fun or I don't care about other people or that I just don't want to handle things at home by myself and neither of those are true, it's just... I feel abandoned when he rushes out the door, when the kids are awake they cry because they want to go to or they don't understand why daddy had to leave (and after 8 months of explaining that daddy would come home and oh hey, who daddy was to's just hard I guess even if it's only for a few hours), and partly that even if it's for a short time it's his CHOICE to leave, and I don't know. I'm so lame. I wonder if I'll ever get over this whole thing since I doubt it will ever end. Why can't I just look at it the same way I looked at his training and field time and deployment and all that... I guess because it's his choice and those weren't (well, they were, but you know what I mean, I hope, lol)...and at least even the Marine Corps was more predictable than these darn fire calls!! That's saying something!! ;o)


In other news, I think we're getting a dog. Mike's been wanting on for a long time, and it's pretty much fallen in our lap. My brother's boss just bought a Jug (pug and jack russel mix?), my mom said he's suuuuper cute. Unfortunately my brother's boss's other dog doesn't want anything to do with this new puppy and is not nice to him, so poor puppy is in a cage a lot and that's not fair to him so boss is looking for a new owner. He'll have all his shots and be neutered and all taken care of vet-wise, and Mike and I both don't mind taking him so my brother is going to tell his boss tomorrow. I'm sure potty training him will be a challenge and I wonder if he'll be affected by all the time spent in his crate, but my brother has been around him and my mom has too and they both say he's super sweet and will be great with the kids. I hope so :o) I wanted to wait and get one after Mike has done academy wherever he ends up going (fire or police) but this pup needs a home and will have all his puppy vet needs already taken care of so why not. Hopefully Jack can play nice, lol... I am a bit concerned with how many health problems pugs can have and how hyyyyper and stubborn/aggressive terriers can be though.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I find this mildly amusing and at the same time--annoying. So Mike had training with the fire dept today and came home in time to eat dinner. So we ate, he took the kids up for a bath and I was enjoying a few minutes of quiet time (15? maybe? lol), he sends Ava down, starts putting Charlotte to bed. Five minutes later he runs downstairs, plops Charlotte on the couch, and he's gone. Bed time with two toddlers, is NOT easy. Especially when they are 1 and 2 and one only wants to fall asleep on the couch downstairs and the other is rocked to sleep upstairs.

I have been contemplating locking the storm door so he can't get back in.


Not to mention the call went off the webcad about an hour ago... and he's still not home. Now THAT annoys me. Big time.

I think I'm going to go watch Tudors now... he keeps saying I don't have to wait for him to watch it, so I won't.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ava was playing in her room today, while Mike was putting Charlotte to sleep for a nap and I was folding/putting away laundry and then going to take a shower. She laid down in her bed and told me she was going to go to sleep. I didn't believe her but I encouraged it and said I hoped she had a good rest and that I was going to take a shower. When I got out of the shower she was still laying in bed with her covers on and she waved to me as I walked past her room. Five minutes later Mike looked in on her and she was asleep. In her bed. SHE WENT TO SLEEP. IN HER BED. BY HERSELF. NO PROMPTING. NO TANTRUMS. ::faints::

lol... total milestone for her! First time she's ever just gone to bed by herself. She takes naps whenever she wants (well, so long as they're not after 4pm, we don't let her then or she won't go to bed before 12, lol), but she falls asleep on the couch...and I just let her fall asleep on the couch at night and carry her upstairs... it's easier that way so she doesn't put up a fuss about going to bed and wake up Charlotte (who goes to bed around 7-8). So this was totally awesome. I hope she keeps it up but I am not counting on that for awhile, lol.

I am freeeeeeezing. I don't know why I've been so cold all day today.

I just had yummy strawberries and whipped cream with a chocolate cookie crumbled over them... so decadent... yum! I pretty much had toast for dinner...and I'm actually still hungry. We went to my parents today so my dad could try to help Mike with some lights for the Explorer...or something...I don't know... boring firefighter electrical man stuff. And the kids are bottomless pits over there. It drives me nuts because I fed them lunch right before we left and they had their bag of snacks for in the car and they still start with the "I'm hungry!" (well, Ava does, Charlotte just get into the lower food cabinets and pulls out food and asks for it, lol). But they ate dry cereal, and apples, and probably two slices of pizza each (adult size slices, lol). So they didn't really want dinner when we got home and I hadn't thawed any meat anyway so I made eggs and toast. Which they also actually did eat once I served it, lol. Bottomless! I swear you'd think I never feed them or something, lol. So I made myself eggs too but then didn't feel like eating them so I just ate my toast and maybe two bites of egg. I will probably snack again soon... lol. Carrot sticks and peanut butter maybe. If Mike didn't eat all the carrot sticks. But what I really want is this. Heh. I have an order for biscotti from my dad and an order for chocolate chip and pumpkin butterscotch cookies from my mom so I guess I'll just have a baking day sometime soon and I'll do those for myself... yep, all for me, hehe. :o) I feel bad making/eating anything with peanut butter for the most part since Charlotte can't have it yet so it's like a special treat almost, lol. Can't wait til she's two. And yet, I most definitely can. ::sigh:: She is at the age now that Ava was when I had her. Crazy. I'm all over the place, huh? lol.

I feel like we've been so busy lately... I want to have a down day tomorrow but I have to go to the grocery store for this week's "deals" and it's Wednesday so Mike's dad and Carol will probably want to come over too since they didn't today... ho hum. I finally got some primer for the bathroom upstairs so we can do the floor, hopefully, sometime this week.

I'm sleepy but I can't go to bed yet. I seriously can not sleep when he's out on a fire call (unless he leaves in the middle of the night and I don't even hear him get up, which has happened a few times...and I hear him when he comes home and climbs in bed again...and then I barely even wake up...and then I wonder how on earth I manage to hear the kids if he can get up and leave and I don't hear a thing...and believe me, he is NOT quiet, lol, even if he tries to be! longest-parenthesis-ever-the-end)... So if I go to bed when he's out on a call I just lay there and don't sleep. Or I watch tv upstairs but Charlotte deprogrammed the remote and the paper with the codes on it is lost and so I have no remote and it sucks to be stuck on one channel and to have to get out from under the snuggly warm covers to switch them around so I'd rather not. So I will just sit up and be sleepy until I can't stand it any more or he comes home. Oh what an exciting life I lead.

Did I post that I cut Charlotte's hair? And Ava's too. I can't remember...just their bangs... Ava can finally have bangs again after her little attempt at being a hair stylist. So I was cutting hers and on a whim I just did Charlotte's too... she looks so much like Ava did at her age and yet so different. It's neat. :o) I need to start taking pictures more often, I've been slacking lately so I don't think I have any with their new hair yet.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kids Say...

Ava: I want to go upstairs and bother mommy.
Mike: You can't go bother mommy, she's sleeping and she needs her sleep or she's grumpy.
My Thought Bubble: HAHAHA. True. So true.
Ava: ::stands at bottom of stairs:: Mommy! Moooommmyyyy! Mommy! MommyMommyMommy! MooooommYYYYYY!
Me: What do you need, Ava?
Ava: ::GASP:: DADDY, DADDY!!!! Daddy! I wake mommy up ALL BY MYSELF with my MOUTH!


Charlotte: ::wakes up in the morning:: Mommy! Mommy! Mommyyyyy! Mommy! Mommy! ::rattle crib rail:: Daddy! Daaaaaaaaaaaddy! Daddy! Haffafind Mommy!


Ava: ::playing with shopping cart:: Bye Charlotte! See you later!
::a few minutes pass::
Ava: Bye Charlotte! I'm not gonna miss you!


Ava: Hey, big daddy!(Mike calls her big bean, lol)


Charlotte has a few teeth trying to come in and she started crying a few days ago, Ava ran over and rubbed her back and said "It's okay sweetie, you just need some tylenol." Her little face just full of concern. Aww :o) Mike went to get a vitamin the other day and he said Ava's face just fell and she looked so sad and she said "Daddy have a headache??"