Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kids Say...

Ahhhhahahahaha. Ava is sitting behind me at her table. She just sighed and said "Bills, bills, bills..." That child, hahaha.

So the children like to get into my makeup drawer and I keep my brush in there, they stole my brush and now it's lost. I asked Ava for it the other day, and she couldn't find it so she got me one of her brushes. I told her that it wouldn't work for what I wanted (round metal brush to dry my bangs, is what I wanted, she gave me a vent brush)... so she starts brushing her hair with it and says "See mommy, it do fine!" and gives it to me anyway. :o)

Charlotte is in love with my brother, her Uncle Adam lately. In the store the other day, she saw a girl with hair the length Adam has, so she kept shouting "Adam! Adam! Love you! Adam!" Hahaha. Anyone with hair like his she starts calling for them. She was sitting on my lap yesterday giving me kisses and then saying "kiss kiss," then she stopped and said "No. Wanna kiss Adam." LOL

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