Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kids Say

Ava today...

"Mommy, say Lola Charlie into this." ::hands me a toy she was pretending was a microphone::"Looooollaaaaa Chaaaaarliiiiieeeeee"

"Hahahha. That's a good one mommy." ::walks off chuckling at me:: ??? lol


"Are you guys hungry for lunch?"

"Yeah, lunch!"

After a quick look in the fridge I decide to pull out some lunchables I had picked up.

"Oh wow! You read my mind!" after seeing the lunchable on the table.



At the moment, they are running around and wearing a watch... Ava wears it, and says "What time is it? and Charlotte says "4:30!" err, "fo thuty" or something like that :o) Then Ava puts the watch on Charlotte and they repeat. It's been fo thuty for probably several hours now, lol.

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