Friday, July 18, 2008

Calgon, take me away!

So far today... and the day is young...

Ava brushed her hair with oatmeal. Yes, she was using a spoon. Thank you, Little Mermaid as Ava thinks all utensils are for hairbrushing.

Ava threw a toy at Charlotte's head, narrowly missing.

Charlotte has a tooth trying to break through and she's clingy and miserable.

Ava has decided to be defiant and yell "NO!!!" at everything.

Ava refused to eat lunch but wanted the cotton candy from yesterday. Nope, sorry little lady.

Ava pulled a bag of pretzels out of the pantry cupboard thing and spilled half all over the kitchen.

Jack flung poo all over the bathroom. This is a somewhat regular occurance, but annoying nonetheless.

Ava went upstairs to play in her room and just decided to throw toys down the steps instead.

Ava got ahold of a permanent marker. I forgot I left it on the table. In the one minute she had it in her sneaky little hands, she managed to color on the end table, the recliner, her caterpillar rocking horse thing, herself, and the floor. I got it off everything but the recliner and the caterpillar... I don't even know what to use on them since they're fabric.

I just got Charlotte to take a nap and Ava is chilling on the couch thankfully not getting into anything...I think she is tired...I have put myself in time out to regroup for a few minutes.

I gotta try to squeeze in a shower since my mom said she was stopping by later. I just realized I'm hungry so I need to fix myself some lunch and try to get Ava to eat again...

Oh, I think I forgot to post about it, but maybe I did...I can't remember... but on PBS tonight, there will be a show called NOW (8:30 here on WITF, but depends where you are). It's about the 24th MEU, they were embedded with Alpha and Mike said they got him on video a lot, so hopefully they used some of it and I get to see him!! And hopefully the girls cooperate and let me actually watch it, haha.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Danny MOM!"

Ha, so you know those Tyson chicken commercials, "Here's to ___'s Mom!" Well one came on today and Ava was walking past the tv and after they said "Here's to Danny's mom!" Ava raised her arm up in the air and said "Danny MOM!" and it was just funny. :o)

My back is sunnnnburnt. We spent half the day in the back yard playing and in the pool. Ava had a blast...Charlotte wasn't too fond of it but she did play in it for a little while. As soon as she really got used to the water though Ava got out and buckled herself in the baby swing so I had to get out and unbuckle her and then Charlotte didn't want to get back in. I need to have my bathing suit doesn't fit quite right, it's a little big at the top and I feel like I'm going to fall out of it. Blah to that...nursing made my boobs SHRINK! No fair 'cause I didn't have that much to begin with. All the other women in my family are pretty well blessed in that area, but me? Nope, I missed that gene, lol.

When we finally came inside, it was like perfect timing because not a half hour later it got dark all the sudden and started to thunder. I went outside to grab the towels and blanket and as I was going back into the house it started pouring. So, yay for good timing I guess. Though it wouldn't have mattered if I got wet since I'd been in the pool anyway. I think a big pool would be nice for next summer. Mike wants one but I didn't want to deal with it this year by myself. It'd be cool to get one and dig it in to the ground a couple feet...not all the way...and build a deck around it. I need to look at the property lines and see if where our fence cuts off in the back is really the end of our property.

Exciting news though, we are half way though again!! So long as there isn't anotherrr extension... but yay! :o) I'm so excited. I can not wait for him to be home. In OUR home.