Saturday, May 18, 2013

Welcome to Summer!

Almost the end of the school year!

Wow, has it gone fast!

Here is an idea to make a fun Welcome to Summer end of the school year memory with your kids!

I did this last year, at the end of my oldest's first year of Kindergarten. 

I may do the same thing this year, or maybe change it up a little.

Either way, the last day of school is an exciting day and should be celebrated!! :o)

I wrapped brightly colored streamers all around our front porch, so the kids could "run" through!

I wrote "Welcome to Summer" on paper with markets, and just cut it out and taped it right on.

My youngest helped me with that part!  She was so excited for her sister to get home from school!

Her daddy took her with him to pick up our oldest, so while they were gone, I taped up .99 summer themed coloring rolls I had picked up at Walmart, and of course...


Just a fun, inexpensive way to create wonderful memories for your child! 

Do you do anything special to kick off the start of Summer?