Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ava was playing in her room today, while Mike was putting Charlotte to sleep for a nap and I was folding/putting away laundry and then going to take a shower. She laid down in her bed and told me she was going to go to sleep. I didn't believe her but I encouraged it and said I hoped she had a good rest and that I was going to take a shower. When I got out of the shower she was still laying in bed with her covers on and she waved to me as I walked past her room. Five minutes later Mike looked in on her and she was asleep. In her bed. SHE WENT TO SLEEP. IN HER BED. BY HERSELF. NO PROMPTING. NO TANTRUMS. ::faints::

lol... total milestone for her! First time she's ever just gone to bed by herself. She takes naps whenever she wants (well, so long as they're not after 4pm, we don't let her then or she won't go to bed before 12, lol), but she falls asleep on the couch...and I just let her fall asleep on the couch at night and carry her upstairs... it's easier that way so she doesn't put up a fuss about going to bed and wake up Charlotte (who goes to bed around 7-8). So this was totally awesome. I hope she keeps it up but I am not counting on that for awhile, lol.

I am freeeeeeezing. I don't know why I've been so cold all day today.

I just had yummy strawberries and whipped cream with a chocolate cookie crumbled over them... so decadent... yum! I pretty much had toast for dinner...and I'm actually still hungry. We went to my parents today so my dad could try to help Mike with some lights for the Explorer...or something...I don't know... boring firefighter electrical man stuff. And the kids are bottomless pits over there. It drives me nuts because I fed them lunch right before we left and they had their bag of snacks for in the car and they still start with the "I'm hungry!" (well, Ava does, Charlotte just get into the lower food cabinets and pulls out food and asks for it, lol). But they ate dry cereal, and apples, and probably two slices of pizza each (adult size slices, lol). So they didn't really want dinner when we got home and I hadn't thawed any meat anyway so I made eggs and toast. Which they also actually did eat once I served it, lol. Bottomless! I swear you'd think I never feed them or something, lol. So I made myself eggs too but then didn't feel like eating them so I just ate my toast and maybe two bites of egg. I will probably snack again soon... lol. Carrot sticks and peanut butter maybe. If Mike didn't eat all the carrot sticks. But what I really want is this. Heh. I have an order for biscotti from my dad and an order for chocolate chip and pumpkin butterscotch cookies from my mom so I guess I'll just have a baking day sometime soon and I'll do those for myself... yep, all for me, hehe. :o) I feel bad making/eating anything with peanut butter for the most part since Charlotte can't have it yet so it's like a special treat almost, lol. Can't wait til she's two. And yet, I most definitely can. ::sigh:: She is at the age now that Ava was when I had her. Crazy. I'm all over the place, huh? lol.

I feel like we've been so busy lately... I want to have a down day tomorrow but I have to go to the grocery store for this week's "deals" and it's Wednesday so Mike's dad and Carol will probably want to come over too since they didn't today... ho hum. I finally got some primer for the bathroom upstairs so we can do the floor, hopefully, sometime this week.

I'm sleepy but I can't go to bed yet. I seriously can not sleep when he's out on a fire call (unless he leaves in the middle of the night and I don't even hear him get up, which has happened a few times...and I hear him when he comes home and climbs in bed again...and then I barely even wake up...and then I wonder how on earth I manage to hear the kids if he can get up and leave and I don't hear a thing...and believe me, he is NOT quiet, lol, even if he tries to be! longest-parenthesis-ever-the-end)... So if I go to bed when he's out on a call I just lay there and don't sleep. Or I watch tv upstairs but Charlotte deprogrammed the remote and the paper with the codes on it is lost and so I have no remote and it sucks to be stuck on one channel and to have to get out from under the snuggly warm covers to switch them around so I'd rather not. So I will just sit up and be sleepy until I can't stand it any more or he comes home. Oh what an exciting life I lead.

Did I post that I cut Charlotte's hair? And Ava's too. I can't remember...just their bangs... Ava can finally have bangs again after her little attempt at being a hair stylist. So I was cutting hers and on a whim I just did Charlotte's too... she looks so much like Ava did at her age and yet so different. It's neat. :o) I need to start taking pictures more often, I've been slacking lately so I don't think I have any with their new hair yet.

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