Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kids Say

lol, so today Ava was eating her second lunch (yeah, lol) and she made a mess on the table. She said "Look mommy, I got my sour cream ALL OVER the table!" I asked her why she did that and she replied "Um. Because I don't like you." Stifling giggles I asked why she didn't like me and says "I do! I do like you!" All I could say was "well, good... 'cause I like you." She's funny.

The other day she was eating dinner and she had asked for an ice cream cone, I said sure if she finished her dinner. She asked for seconds and I gave them to her, but she hadn't eaten her noodles at all yet. Now, I don't really expect her to always finish her plate, but if she's hungry enough for ice cream, and she asked for seconds of one thing, and I *know* she likes what's on her plate, I do expect her to at least take a few bites, so after she kept begging for the ice cream I just said "Not until I don't see anymore noodles on your plate." And she said "okay." A few minutes later she asks for ice cream and says "There not anyyyy more noodles on my plate." I go to look and she's right...'cause she scooted them all off on to the table. @@ LOL... Yes, I gave her the ice cream. I should have chosen my words more carefully.

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