Sunday, May 24, 2009


Good thing I emptied my camera onto the computer this morning.

I decided today would be a good day to fill up the kiddie pool and just spend the day outside. Got the pool filled, kids were playing and having a good time...put the slide in it so they could have water slide. Made them lunch to eat out... good day. Set my camera on a chair for a second so I could turn the hose on and water my garden. Baaaaad idea... Charlotte ran over and grabbed it, I told her to put it down and she did. She went back over to the pool to play. So I'm watering and all the sudden I hear Charlotte squealing "Wook! Camera swimming!" Sure enough, camera was at the bottom of the pool. It had been probably 5 seconds... got it out, dried it off, turned it came on, but the screen was realllyyyyy dark... so I turned it off, took the battery and memory card out...shook it out and dried it off again and let it sit for a bit. Still won't work :o( Won't even turn on at all. Destructo baby, while I was dealing with my camera, decided to fill a bucket of water and dump it on the picnic table and was juuust about to dump some on my "outside bag" which had the house phone in it, lol...thankfully I got to her in time for that. A minute after that? Ava dumps out an entire box of crackers onto the grass. I had just opened it for them to have some with their lunch. ::siiiiiiiiigh:: I need a vacation, I decided we were coming inside "for a rest," and they are taking a nap. Probably more needed for me than for them, but they fell asleep quickly enough so I know they were tired too. I promised we'd go back out to play later, and we will. I'm so sad about my camera though. Really, it's not the best quality camera anyway (my older model actually took better pictures!) and it had been giving me some problems lately anyway so I guess I should just take it as a sign that I need to get a new one...but I don't want to fork over the moolah for it. I had some cute pictures and video from today too :o( Hopefully the memory card isn't ruined.

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