Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I scrubbed a lot of things today, lol. I didn't do as much laundry as I had planned...but the kids didn't really nap (well, Ava didn't...Charlotte took one short one). My mom and Jane were both supposed to come over today to try to figure something out with Mike's car... but my mom got a ride from Eddie so he messed around with it and discovered that a cable snapped, or something like that, and that's why the hood wouldn't open. So I called Jane and let her know not to come (she was only coming b/c my mom didn't know how to charge a battery), called AAA and they came out to see if they could do anything and if not, tow it to a shop. The AAA guy was able to get it open (he just hit it really hard, lol!!) He said the latch was rusted too...fun... but anyway, the battery is now charged and hopefully it stays that way. My mom's car is still in the shop, but hopeeeefully will be done tomorrow.

My list of things to do tomorrow is...
scrub the floors with bleach (I hate hate hate our linoleum, even with mopping 1-2 times a day it still looks dirty...I just don't have the time or energy to be on hands and knees scrubbing it every day)...
Finish up the laundry
Pack for the girls and I (woo...planning outfits so I don't overpack...fun...that's 18 outfits..not counting pjs, lol, yikes)
Trying to pull weeds in the back yard if I can manage
Shampoo the family room furniture

Hmm... that's about it, lol. Doesn't seem like much but I will probably be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off since all of that is in addition to the every day stuff... and I'm so restless, I keep finding things that I think need to be done when really they're fine, lol... and when I'm nervous sometimes I chew on my tongue. Weird, I know...but yeah...well I chewed too much today and now the back of my tongue by my cheek is sore. It's my own fault but I don't realize I'm doing it until it hurts. Same goes for my legs...I'm always bouncing them but I don't even realize it until I'm like "oh, hey...my legs are tired," lol.

What the heck I keep hearing a baby crying. I'm going insane I swear, lol. The baby monitor is on but Charlotte is sleeping and it's a video monitor so I can see that she is fine.. I was hearing it earlier today too. Maybe a neighbor or something and I just have super sensitive baby-cry hearing, lol.

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