Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Updating an Old Bistro Set with Rustoleum

I have this area in front of my house that the previous owners used to have a bench in.  I'm not a big fan of the area, and eventually I'd like to just extend the porch.  However, until then, I just have to live with it. 

It's not such a bad little area, I just don't really care for the design in the rocks without there being anything in there to make it look like it has a design for a reason...and, my husband put in fresh mulch on the other side of the house, so the bright red mulch kind of clashes to me with the burgundy rocks.  What do you think?

My husband LIKES the rocks, so I can't just change them out yet.  It's not often that he voices any opinion on decorating or home improvement projects (he usually just lets me have free reign and if I'm happy, he's happy) so I'd like to respect his wishes when he does.  I was thinking of maybe scooping out the burgundy rocks and adding more red mulch in just those areas and keeping the grey rocks.  Compromise, right?

I had a little wood and metal bistro set that we got as a gift about eight years ago.  It was definitely showing it's age.  It didn't really fit out on our current back patio, so for now I decided to give it a little update and put it out front so that area wasn't just empty.  Eventually I will get a bench to go there instead, and further on down the road some rocking chairs or a porch swing once we extend the porch.  When that happens, the bistro set will just go in the back yard.  It needed updating either way.  :o)

Our shutters are black so I picked up a can of Rustoleum in Satin Black so it would coordinate.  I figured it would be durable for an outside project.  I purchased this at Lowe's, and while I was there, I was picking up some spray paint for another project and saw this!

Rustoleum's Universal Hammered spray paint in black.  I thought it might be fun to try out and use on the metal parts of the bistro set.  I didn't even tape off the wood first, since I was going to paint it black anyway.  I sprayed all the metal with with this stuff.  It was so fun to spray it on and watch it "hammer" up!  Very neat.  I love the look.

After I let that dry, I used a brush to paint the wood.  This project took only one day to paint, super fast and easy.

I let it dry over night, and in the morning I gave the whole set a quick coat of clear poly (used a spray paint form I already had one hand).

While I had the brush and the paint out for the bistro set, I decided to update this old picnic table a little too.  I grew up with this picnic table, my dad built it when I was a kid.  I couldn't find the sander to smooth it out before I started, but oh well!  :o)

I need to take a finished picture of this picnic table and of the bistro set out front, haha.  Sometimes I forget to do that! 

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