Monday, March 11, 2013

Magic Jellybeans!

My oldest daughter is 6 years old.  Last year she kept telling me that magic was not real.  That made me sad.  So I decided we had to do something to get her "magic" back!  She is very in to reason and logic, which is great, but we could all use a little magic!

I had seen the idea to plant jellybeans outside and grow magic lollipops.  But my dog runs around like caaaaaaraaaaazzzzzayyyy outside, and I just knew she'd gallop around the yard and decide the lollipops were now her toys since they were sticking out of *her* back yard. 

So we had to modify this and do it indoors.  Besides, it was cold outside anyway. 

So, after we dyed our Easter eggs last year, I pulled out some pots and some potting soil and let the girls fill their pots.  With soil.  Right.  :o)

Then, I gave them each six jellybeans.  I had already purchased the lollipops, so one jellybean to match each color lollipop. 

The girls both had a blast planting their magic jellybeans! 

After they went to bed, I transformed into Mrs. Easter Bunny.  Mr. Easter Bunny was SLEEPING already.  Ahem. 

I knew that my scientifically minded then-five-year-old would actually dig through the pots to find the jellybeans and see if they were really magic, if I didn't attach the sticks to them like they grew out of them.  So I just gently pushed each lollipop stick into the corresponding jellybean color. 

I didn't dig through the pots myself to find the already planted jellybeans though, I just used new ones.  Since they were attached to the lollipops the girls never thought to dig through the dirt looking for them. 

Super cute, right?  The girls loved it, and it made an adorable centerpiece for the table too!

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