Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Whoaaaa... so I've been looking at house listings for well, forever it seems. I never unsubscribed from the daily emails I got when we started looking to buy up here and eventually found this house.

I like to look at them, I like to get ideas for what I would like to have, have an idea of current prices, and I just like to see the insides and see how people decorate, haha.

Well the other night Mike says "Hey look, I found our next house!" and the first thing I notice after the "wow, he is looking at houses," lol, is the price... completely shocked me for him. $230k! When I've been looking at houses I figure I'd probably end up with something around $160k, not as big as we'd like but definitely doable (1600+ sq feet, no smaller)... I asked him if he really wanted to spend that much, because it was surprising and he just looked at me funny and said "Well, yeah!" lol... Mr. We're-So-Poor (bologna, he's an amaaazing provider) wants a nicer house than I was figuring on, which is kinda cool. :o) Nice to know we can go for that dream house and he's on board with it cost-wise, I wasn't expecting that...and I am fine with what I was originally planning, but hey I won't complain over bigger and nicer, hehe. So we've been looking at listings for days and it's been really fun to see what we each want. Ideally 4-5 bedrooms (room for more kids! hehe), master bath, two story, two car attached garage, separate dining room, basement (preferably finished), nice big yard (fenced would be nice but we are willing to do that ourselves) idea of the square footage but from what we've been looking at it'd be 1900-3200sq feet, lol, big differences but it just depends on the house.

And he says as soon as we pay off the car we can list this house and start seriously looking to move. I am kind of excited. :o) I really do love this house, but we knew going in it was temporary. It's 1425 sq ft, but we are already bursting at the seams, and we really don't like that it's a townhouse. It doesn't bother me for temporary at all, this is a really nice house, nicest place we've lived yet, but definitely knew it was temporary. I am just nervous about selling, we paid 134k for this place, well, are still paying, plus putting in the fence (4k), and we want to replace the downstairs flooring (who knows how much $$$ lol...but think it's neccessary for resale anyway) and I am not sure we will be able to break even...I am okay with losing the interest we've paid, considering we would have been paying rent if we didn't buy this house, but it would be nice to not lose any more than that, lol. I see lots of houses in our area sit for sale for awhile, but since I am nosy I do look at pictures of the insides/yards and ours is definitely nicer, lol.

I suggested renting this place out but I don't know how well that would work out, I mean it would put us in a higher tax bracket, I don't know if we would have trouble getting a new mortgage while still having one and ...I don't know.................

I am still sick of moving but we have been here longer than we have been anywhere else so I guess it would be okay to move one more time into our FOREVER house! :o) Love the idea of that. Moving and knowing it will be where our kids grow up and we have our grandchilden over and family gatherings...

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