Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

How has your day been today?  We don't really go all out celebrating Valentine's Day.  We just never have.  Sometimes we do flowers and cards, every once in awhile we'll go to dinner.  Usually it's just a low key day at home for us, though.  I got the girls a few little trinkets, and of course we did cards for the kids in my little Kindergartener's class.  I bought a bunch of cute cards a couple years ago, on clearance at Target.  I think I paid maybe .10-.20 a box.  They all have pencils, stickers, or tattoos.  She picked out Hello Kitty cards with pencils.  We also sent in some Hershey's Kisses to pass out as well.
She brought home sooooo much candy!  I'm glad I didn't send in more than the Kisses.  My youngest and I made cupcakes today so she had something fun to do too.  Yummy!  We also had a special dessert tonight after dinner.  I put a couple scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt, with some sugared strawberries and a half a cupcake in a little bowl for the girls.  We don't normally have dessert, so it's a treat when we do. 

They're going to be heading to bed soon and then it's mommy and daddy time.  I got my handsome hubby a personalized card with milk and cookies on it.  It says "We're way better when we're together!"  So true!  I was going to make him some cookies to go with it, but since I made cupcakes already today...and our cookie jar is full (that wasn't expected, usually the cookies go quick!), I opted out...haha!  I did get a box of yummy chocolates for us to share though, and I'll be sure to give him a nice massage later. 
I've been in a bit of pain today.  Still dealing with the cramps and of course, everything else.  Pretty sucky on Valentine's Day...I'm hoping the new med kicks in soon.  I can tell things are getting better...it's just slowwww.  And I get so tired.  Just cleaning the downstairs leaves me exhausted.  I have to rest a lot, and I feel like I'm being a lazy bum, but if I over-do it, I will pay for it and I know it.  I push myself a lot because I feel so bad...you can't really tell just by looking at me that I'm in pain or what I'm dealing with, and I just feel like no one really understands, so I just look, well, lazy.

Okay, gotta go get the kiddos to bed.

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