Saturday, February 18, 2012

What a Week!

Weeks like this, make me absolutely LOVE being a firefighter's wife.  The schedule is absolutely amazing.  Handsome Hubby had the entire week off, thanks to a trade he made a couple months ago.  He didn't have to work his second job either thanks to him finishing his "training" and having to wait for the new schedule to come out unless someone called in...and no one did.  It's also been a sloowwwww week for volunteer calls too.  He got up with the girls every day this week and was on bus stop duty.  With my not feeling well lately, this has been so nice for me.  I'm so lucky to have a husband who takes such good care of his family.  He only ran out to go to the gym (he does Cross Fit) and to do some training at the volunteer house.  Such a nice week of him being home so much. 

We haven't really done too much this week, despite his time off.  I fully intended to get some painting done, but all I've done is work on painting a bookshelf for Ava's room.  That's something, at least, right?  I just get worn out so easily (and yes, I have been working on this shelf all's COLD outside and in the garage).  I spent lots of time on the couch snuggling.  We are watching How I Met Your Mother from the beginning on Netflix and we got through Season 1 and most of Season 2.  We did go out on Thursday to take the girls to the library, and I needed to run into the grocery store.  I told hubby I was in the mood for a nice big salad, so he took us out to dinner.  It ended up being Family Night where we went, and the girls had a blast.  They had balloons and fun headbands/hats for the kids, plus a cotton candy machine.  We had a really nice time and my salad was delicious.  We haven't done a mid-week dinner out for awhile since Ava's been in school, and usually we don't do much of it on the weekends because everything is packed.

Today I'm planning to finish up painting that book shelf.  The girls are going to my parents for a sleepover tomorrow, and I asked the husband if he would help me switch Ava's room, with the playroom.  The girls picked their rooms before we moved in, and Ava picked the what seems like the biggest room upstairs (well, the master bedroom is bigger, but you know, the biggest other room, haha).  It's pretty comparable in size to the room Charlotte picked, but it's a bit longer and narrower, so it does feel bigger.

This is only part of the room, it's long... big enough for two beds...bigger than the room that the girls shared in our old house.

It is painted blue with clouds and glow in the dark painted stars on the ceiling and it has decals of trees and butterflies and stuff... and Ava wants to paint it pink.  I am fine with that (though everyone else I mention it too seems to protest), but, the fourth bedroom is the playroom and the layout is just not working out for the amout of toys and big stuff that the girls have.  They keep some toys in their rooms, but most of them stay in the playroom so they can share.  So this weekend while the girls are at my parents, I'm going to switch the rooms.  And paint the current playroom/Ava's new room the color pink that she wants, and have it set up really nice for her when they get back.  She doesn't like change, so I'm hoping she likes this (and the more pink and girly, the more chance she will, haha)...if not, I guess I'll have to consider switching it back, but really, I think they'll love it and having room for all their toys since some are still packed.  And this way, we'll get to keep the pretty walls and not paint over them since they'll look great for a playroom.  At least for now, until we maybe decide to have baby number three...  which won't be for probably at least two years with my health issues.  At that point, we'd just have to move the playroom down to the basement.  Maybe we should just do that in the first place...but the basement is still unfinished. 

I should probably go ahead and paint Charlotte's room too so she doesn't feel left out.  She wants purple.  Bright purple, but I'm thinking more of a lilac. 

So, yeah, kind of a lazy day today.  The girls got me up at about 8:30, and I made them waffles, hashbrowns, and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  They're watching Tinkerbell right now and I'm waiting for the last coat of paint I put on the bookshelf to dry before I add another coat.  I plan to enjoy being lazy today since it will be crazy here tomorrow with painting and rearranging.  Fun, fun! 

Just a note, don't be alarmed by the crazy posts today.  I decided I wanted to switch over the personal posts over at The Coupon Wars, to here and keep that strictly for shopping and coupons talk. 

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