Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cute Letters for Kids

I love the look of letters.  I made a pink A and a pink C for my girls when they shared a room. 

I love, love, loved the way the turned out.  Shabby chic! 

So, as you know, we moved to a new home a few months ago, and now the girls don't share a room any more.  My oldest wanted to keep her room pink, so her "A" matches just fine.  Don't mind my crappy paint job on the edges of the wall there if you enlarge the picture at all, haha.

I nestled it on to a shelf above her bed with some other pink/white/cream odds and ends. 

I had my youngest's pink C on her wall, but we're slowly working on her room, to make it more purple, as per her request.  So, last night I finally whipped up a more purple C for her! 

What do you think?

All I did was take a plain white C, that I got from AC Moore.  I didn't take any pictures of the unfinished project.  Whoops!  So anyway, a plain white C, and then I pick out 4-6 sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper.  Then, I tear it up!  You can totally let the kids help you with this part.  Tearing paper is FUN! 

Once the paper is torn, I just use a glue stick to stick it to the letter (kids can do this part too!). 

Once the paper and glue is dried enough to handle the letter, I take a razor blade to the edges to cut the paper off the edges of the letter and get a clean line.  It doesn't have to be perfect. 

Then, I give it a coat of clear gloss spray paint.  I let it dry, and then give it another coat.

Once it's completely dry, I take some sand paper (love the sandpaper blocks!) and smooth out the rough paper edges, and distress the edges a little as well to give a bit more of a shabby chic look.

So, here is my finished C on my little girls wall, and a sneak peek of her room progress!  One of these days we will paint her room for her too, she picked out a pretty lilac and we have the paint, it's just sitting in the garage until we get around to it.  Also, her shoes need a home, I was keeping them in the bin there under her bed, but the bin is a little too tall so it was hard for her to get it out.  I'd just put the bin in her closet, but I need to clean the closet out first, haha.

I'm not sure if I want to keep her silhouette pink too, or make that purple?  I tend to like things more monochromatic in scheme...but, she does have pink in her bedding too, and I kept some bits of pink in her letter C as well.  What would you do?  Leave it, or swap it out for a purple one?

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