Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some Fun and Some Not So Fun

Last night, the husband took the girls and I to spend some time with friends.  They have a little boy who is Ava's age, and he is a trip! So fun!  Makes me want a boy.  :o)  My girls are a lot of fun too, and Charlotte is a total tom-boy at times though.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese.  I normally HATE that place because I'm all paranoid of the germs and one of the kids getting lost, and even though they're supposed to check your number stamps as you leave, I don't think they really pay that much attention to them and I have had them not even check, yeah.  I mean, I watch the girls like a hawk, but I get super antsy when they want to crawl around in the tubes and aren't right by my side, haha.  I always drill it into their heads not to leave with anyone but mommy or daddy and to stay with one of us at all times.  We had fun though!  And I do like their pizza. 

After that we rushed over to gets our seats for The Lorax.  Such a cute movie!  The girls loved it, and so did hubby and I.  Ava was dissapointed that she didn't hear Taylor Swift sing in the movie, she LOVES her, haha. 

That was the highlight of our week, I guess?  I had an appointment with a new doctor on Wednesday.  He confirmed what I thought, that the doctor I saw a few weeks ago was wrong about the tissue I passed.  Since I was so unsure after that appointment, I took the tissue home and took a few pictures of it before I threw it out.  The new doctor said it was absolutely not a blood clot.  It was an endometrial/decidual cast (and that they can be very kidding! I was in tears a few times over the pain...I felt like a total wimp at the time, but now I don't feel bad at all.  He said sometimes women end up in the ER for them).  He said that the Seasonique I was on essentially made me have a D&C.  Awesome.  He also said it should have been sent to the lab because it had some spots that concerned him, even though he said cancer at my age would be extremely unlikely.  So, still bleeding, of course.  It's been since January 42 days now and counting.  But I'm on the last week of my current pack of Ortho-tricyclen so, yeah... I'm hoping it stops once I start the new pack, but I'm not counting on it.  New doc says it could take another 2 months for it to calm down (ugh) and if it doesn't, then I have to come back in and try something else.  He said last resort would be surgery, and there are a few we could discuss, but not until we're sure we don't want any more children.  And I'm not sure at all, as I'd really like to have at least one more.  Sooo, yeah. 

Other than that, it was Dr. Seuss week for us, and at Ava's school.  So fun! 

We have a low key weekend here at home planned...full of, not much at all, haha!  I'm going to enjoy it though.  It's gorgeous outside today, other than the wind.  I have a few windows open to let in some fresh air and the girls played outside for a little while earlier.  I still need to finish up the end tables I'm working on for Charlotte's room, and I'm hoping we can manage to get her room painted soon.  I keep planning to work on it and then not feeling well or we lose track of time on something else.  Oh well.  It's not like it's going anywhere. 

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