Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Go, Blue!

My little Cheerleader!
Ava started cheerleading last month.  She LOVES it.  It's just sideline cheer, no pressure at this point, but it amazes me how quickly these 6, and 7 year olds pick up the cheers.  We've only had a couple of footballs games she's had to cheer for so far, and they've been fun.
The last game ended up with a rain delay, and unbeknownst to us, the coach decided to just cancel the cheerleaders.  After waiting around for a bit, we found out, but we weren't the only cheerleaders/cheer parents still there at the game, so Ava and another cheerleader went out anyway to cheer our football team on!  They even let some younger girls who knew the cheers from watching practices get out there with them.  It was really sweet.  And my youngest, who LOVES watching her sister cheer had so much fun getting out there and cheering with her.
She asked me to take a video of her teaching stretches.
...and in watching a few videos at YouTube, to give her an idea of what she was getting into before cheerleading started, we found a TON of "What's In My Cheer Bag" videos.  She fell in love with them and after a few practices, she asked me if she could make her own video and wanted to see how many people would watch it.  She asks me periodically if I can pull it up so she can see how many views it has.  :o)

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