Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Baby is a First Grader!

Where, oh, where has the time gone?! 
My sweet little baby is now in the First Grade!

She was all ready with an extra pencil box full of supplies for her teacher, as well as a "Caramel Apple" gift for her teacher and for her bus driver.  Easy as pie to throw together, just an "apple" scented candle with some caramel candies all wrapped up in clear cellophane, and tied with bright yellow ribbon.  Can't forget the note of appreciation and wishes for a "sweet" year!

My youngest and I came home and busted out the FALL decorations!  Despite it still being hot out.  It's been rainy lately, so if I just keep the A/C on and the windows shut, it looks like Fall outside and I can fool myself.  We even had chili and cornbread for dinner a few nights ago.  Yum!

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