Monday, October 22, 2012

Buh Bye Lime Green!

Ahhhh... so much better.  Minus the full trash can.  Let's pretend you can't see trash sticking out over the top, mmkay?

Do you see that line up there?  Yep.  Click the picture and enlarge it.  Not only will you see how sucky I am at painting a straight line and edging, but you will also see the LIME GREEN my downstairs bathroom used to be...haha.
Which, honestly, the lime green was still an improvement from the black with gold that it was painted when we moved in.  It was SO dark for such a tiny room...and I like gold, honestly, I do, it was just...too much. 
I wanted more of a sage, a bit darker than what it is now, and when I held up the swatches in the room, the color that was LIME GREEN looked more like sage.  I swear!  My painter (a friend's husband, who did an awesome job!!) tried to warn me, but I did not take heed.  Once the color was up I just tried to live with it and see if it grew on me.
It did NOT.  It had to GO.  So I grabbed a pale greenish color that I had extra of from my family room, kitchen, and upstairs hallway, and just painted right over the lime green without priming it.  It had the effect I wanted for the most part, the lime green comes through enough to darken the pale greenish just enough to give it that sage look, even though I originally wanted it a bit works for now...and at least it doesn't practically glow in the dark.  :)
And to fix my bad edging, I'm just gonna put up some trim.  Eventually. 

And in case you thought I may have gotten over my addiction to spray paint?  NOPE.
That soap pump, where it's now gold, used to be white.  Spray paint!

My Scentsy warmer, where you see the goldish fleur de lis?  Spray paint!
Ohhh, I love me some spray paint.  :)

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