Monday, October 1, 2012

Daddy's Little Dalmatians

I know I've shared these before, but I think they're awesome so I thought I'd do a little tutorial.

These adorable little Dalmatian costumes were so easy to make, and perfect since Daddy is a Firefighter!

All you need...

  • White Shirt (I purchased shirts at Walmart for $3 each)
  • White Tights
  • White Tulle
  • White Ribbin (I chose sheer ribbon)
  • Red Ribbon (I went with sheer ribbon, again)
  • Black Felt
  • White Felt
  • Fabric Glue
  • Headband

I made these in 2010, so I'm having trouble finding more of the "progress" pictures.

I cut "spots" of black felt, and used fabric glue, to glue them all over the shirts, and tights.  I had to make two costumes, so of course you may only need to glue them onto one shirt and one pair of tights.  :o)

I made "tutus" by wrapping strips of white tulle around a white ribbon I had measured to fit my girls' waists, with a few inches left on each end to tie them with.  I just used a basic "ribbon tutu" tutorial.  I looked them up on YouTube since I need to see things to really "get" them.  It was super easy.

My Mother in Law made the ears and the tails.  She put a strip of white felt around the headband, and then cut ears out of the black felt and glued them on.  I added some of the black felt spots to the finished headbands with my fabric glue.

The tail was simply a strip of white felt, but into a bit of a long triangle shape, and sewn together with a long seam.  Put them right side out to hide the sewn seam, and I tied them on to the ribbon at the end of the tutu.  Of course I added spots to the tail as well.

For the collars, I took the sheer red ribbon, and cut them to make a necklace.  With plenty of room as not to make the girls uncomfortable, they don't need to be "chokers."  I found some plain silver circle jewelry (these came with silver chains,and clear plastic "bubbles" to put over whatever you put on the silver...but all I wanted were the silver circles) at Michael's craft store, and added the first letter of their names with scrapbook stickers!  SO easy!

We added shiny black shoes, and I think they were absolutely adorable!  By far my favorite Halloween costumes for my kiddos!

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