Friday, February 1, 2013

Justin Bieber Birthday Party - Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

So, this is way late, considering her birthday was in November, but, I blog when I have time so, it is what it is.  :)
Happy 5th Birthday, Big Girl! 
Every year (so far) we have let the girls pick out their birthday party theme.  (Even if I don't like it...)  And this year, Charlotte chose JUSTIN BIEBER (and yeah, I wasn't thrilled, haha...I mean, the boy can sing, but...she's FIVE!  I was thinking something cute-sy!)

To go with the "rock star" theme, I pulled out this little drum set, and a few guitars to set around the house so the kids could make their own music.  I dare say, this little drum set was quite the hit amongst the little ones.

I seem to have the the worst luck when it comes to party themes.  I'm either too early for them, or too late.  We had a Strawberry Shortcake party, a Cinderella party, a Snow White party, and a Dr. Seuss party all of which I could NOT find decorations for until AFTER the party.  Go figure.  This particular theme, I saw decorations for, for forEVER, until I went to look for them myself and then all I found in stores was a tablecloth and some stickers.  Nice. So, I got the tablecloth and the stickers (and yes, I know I could order online, but I didn't have time to wait for own poor
I picked up a couple black and purple tableclothes, and some purple hanging stars and twirly things.  Some black and silver ribbon for accents, and the Justin Bieber table cloth I found.  I ended up cutting the table cloth up to use for decor, and simply put a black table cloth on the dining room table.

Purple stars and twirlys!

I found some music note cardboard stand ups at Party City, and of course put glitter and "rock star" confetti on the table.

That purple swag was the middle of the Justin Bieber table cloth.  I just tied the sides with silver ribbon and taped it up.  Then added the black balloons.

I cut up a purple table cloth and used it to put an accent on the four corners of the dining room table.  Tied the middle with black and silver ribbons, and then placed a Sticker on the tablecloth. 

For party favors, I ordered this 12-Pack Inflatable Rock Star Electric Guitar from Amazon (I think it was about $8 when I ordered).  We also had tattos and stickers and candy.  I just used basic black bags.

Justin Bieber table cloth to the rescue! 

I made cupcakes myself.  Wayyy cheaper than buying them and easier than cake.  I used Wilton Violet Color Mist spray (edible, of course) to take them up a notch.  The spray kind of smells gross when you spray it, but you can't taste it (at least, I couldn't). 

I served mini slider sandwiches, and bags of chips.
The idea was for it to be a light "catered lunch."

The only bin I had to hold ice and bottled water had Halloween ghosts and pumpkins on I cut a bit of a black plastic tablecloth and managed to drape/tape it on to cover that up.  A bit of silver ribbon, and a sticker on the front made it just what we needed. 
I looked everywhere for the Justin Bieber duct tape, I wanted to tape it around the water bottles.  I couldn't find it though... ironically, a friend included a roll of it in one of little Miss Charlotte's birthday gifts! 

Black sparkly candles!

Happy birthday, big girl!

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  1. My three year old grandson sings Justin "Beaver" all the time! They start early don't they! What an adorable idea for a birthday party! Wish the Beibs could have stopped by!