Friday, June 22, 2012

Bathroom Towels

Bathroom towel racks drive me nuts.


Is it just me?  I love having the towel rings next to sinks because it's pretty easy to just throw a tea towel over them and have it look nice enough...but towel bars?  The towels are always a mess and look horrible.  We had only a towel bar in my downstairs half bath, so I took it out and and bought a ring!   

When we have the bars, but I put "decorative" towels on them.  By now, my family knows they are not to be used!  This probably drives THEM nuts, but hey, a happy mom and wife, means a happy life, right?  :) 

My "recipe" is always two bigger towels, with two tea towels over them, neatly folded and then I tie the tea towels with some sheer, coordinating ribbon to finish it off.

(and yes, that shiny brass scares me too!  I picked out a gorgeous neutral beige to paint this bathroom with, and when I actually get around to painting it, I'll take down all of the shiny and give it a coat of my BFF, Rustoleum's Universal Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Yessiree...  I lovvve my master bathroom, but who picks yellow paint with shiny gold/brass hardware?  It clashes to me!  Plus our bathtub has white tile with a line of beige tile...Beige or a better coordinating color at least is the way to go with paint in here!)

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  1. I never really thought about it, but I took down the towel bars in both of my bathrooms. Guess I didn't like them, ha.