Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quick Project

I'm pretty happy with how this quick project turned out.  I had two old Americana themed pictures, that just didn't fit in the new house.  Frames can be expensive, so I took the pictures apart, and spray painted the frames for different projects.  One frame went in the living room as a chalkboard, the other, I painted the frame oil rubbed bronze.

I had three snapshots I'd taken of my kids in a shelf that had frames.  It used to be in our entry way, but I was putting it in our master bathroom for hanging towels here in the new house.

I didn't want to just put the pictures in a box, so I took an old book (we had two copies of Great Expectations, so I used that...), and just sat and ripped up the pages.  My four year old helped and thought it was great fun to be allowed to tear a book.

Once I got enough little ripped up slivers of paper, I started gluing them on to the old picture that was in the frame.  No rhyme or reason.  Then I took a bit of scrapbook paper left over from this project, bonus that it matches and ties in with that project as well since some of it is in the same room!  I cut that in a rectangle that would fit all three pictures, and glued that in the center.

Cheap (I had everything on hand so it didn't cost me anything), and EASY custom wall decor!

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  1. Cute! Great idea. I have some old'ish books, water-damaged, missing pages, falling apart I keep hanging on to for some unknown future project, never thought about frame matting.