Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gift for a Bzzy Teacher

We wanted to give my daughter's teacher a gift at the end of the school year.  A token of appreciate for all the hard work she put in and all the time spent helping our children learn and grow!

Being on a budget, we decided to make something!  My mother in law graciously gave us the stamps to include with the gift.  She was a teacher herself and mentioned that she thought they would make a great gift.  How thoughtful of her!  :o)

We decided to make a little classroom decoration.  My daughter's teacher is "Mrs. B" and as a play on that, has her classroom decorated with lots bees! 

We started by fishng the letters M, R, and S out of a mixed bag of small wooden letters.  We used a foam brush to paint them a bright yellow.  The letters were from Walmart, and cost less than $2 for the whole bag.  We have PLENTY of letters left for more crafts or just to play with.

I had originally wanted the letter to be a little larger, but this .97 letter was all that Walmart had.  I swear they used to have more size variety, but with two days left til the end of the school year I wasn't about to go running all over town to find the size I wanted.  This had to do, and it worked out perfectly, I think!

I gave it a quick coat of black spray paint, just the cheap .99 stuff.

One the paint dried, I gave it a coat of Krylon's Chalkboard paint.  LOVE chalkboard paint!  It gave it a great texture, and if teacher wants to write anything on it, she can...bonus!  I knew I wanted to coat the letter with this paint, which is why I originally wanted a larger letter. 

My daughter signed the back with love, and I wrote the year and grade.

We added some little bee stickers we found in the scrapbooking section to finish it off! 

You could easily change the colors and stickers around to find a theme your child's teacher might like. 

And of course, no thank you gift is complete without a hand written note of appreciation!  Ava was so proud to have helped make this gift for her teacher! 

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  1. Omg, how cute is that?! I love it! I bet she loved it too! Great idea, with the stamps.