Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Just wanted to pop in and post a quick note to say I'm still alive!! :)

I've been busy lately!  I started babysitting the sweetest little three year old a few days a week... my oldest is still in cheerleading... we've had birthday parties to throw...crafts to do... things to bake...decorating for the holidays... computers that are dead...and holding all my blogging photos hostage!!  It was supposed to be fixed last week, but something came up and it's now been moved to this week.  I'm PRAYING that all of my pictures and videos can be saved!

We've had car trouble, and someone got ahold of our credit card number and went on a spending spree.  FUN STUFF. 

Needless to say...blogging in general has just taken a back burner to life lately.  But I'm still around, and I've not given up!  :)

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