Friday, August 3, 2012

Coffee & Candles

I saw a pin on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and thought "Why have I never thought of that?!"

I do that a lot.  :o)

This pin said simply to put candles in a dish or vase filled with coffee beans.  When the candles are lit, the beans warm up and release a delicious scent!

So simple, and I love it!

Bonus, it didn't cost me a thing since I already had everything on hand.  :o)

I'm going to get some vanilla or cinnamon scented candles (Oooh, or maybe pumpkin!) for Fall and do this around the house, it makes a great centerpiece for the table or a buffet.

This would make a great gift too, fill a dollar store pillar vase with coffee beans and put a candle in...  $2 plus the cost of the coffee beans.  Inexpensive and beautiful! 


  1. oooh, I bet that does smell good. I don't drink coffee, but I love the smell of it when FF makes his in the mornings.

    1. I think we need one of those Kuerig machines, I don't make the best coffee myself, so I tend to only have a cup when DH makes it, and I can't drink much more than one cup.

    2. We have one and it's a whole lot better than making a pot when he only drinks a cup.
      Also, ours has a water reservoir so instead of heating a pot of water for hot chocolate, we can put the powder in the cup and press a button and it adds hot water. (The hot chocolate k-cups cost too much, and I have a stockpile of about 20 boxes of Swiss Miss, LOL!)

      Anyway when we got it, and all those k-cups, was when I thought about wanting a special coffee bar.