Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Painted Dresser

Remember this dresser I mentioned in my Yard Sale Finds post?

It was only $25!  Solid wood.  Great bones, but not in the best condition ever.  I was smitten at first glance though, I knew I wanted it, and when I got closer and saw the imperfections I didn't even care.  When I saw the $25 price tag, I knew it had to be mine.

The back was falling off...but that was nothing I couldn't fix.  My intention was to use a staple gun and some wood glue.  But honestly, I didn't do ANYthing about it.  I just left it alone because you know, it's going to be up against a wall...  no need.  I'm just keeping it real here!  :o)

Check out these drawers!  There are a few that have neat "built ins."  LOVE!  My whole reasoning for wanting a dresser in my family room was to get rid of the junk drawers in my kitchen, and the PILES that kept accumulating everywhere downstairs. 

I just wanted to be able to shove 'em in a drawer and get them out of sight.  These drawers are perfect for keeping me a little more organized too!

So I sanded down the top of the dresser, and primed it with some Zinsser that I had on hand.  I only primed the top.  I figured spray paint is oil based and would cling well enough everywhere else (and it did).  I had a couple kid free hours to work, and I wasn't going to spend the entire time priming!

So after I primed the top, I grabbed my trusty Rustoleum Painter's Touch, 2X Ultra Cover in Semi-Gloss Black.  LOVE this paint! 

Took out the drawers, and removed the drawer pulls and knobs.  I wasn't sure if I was going to spray paint them or not quite yet.

I gave the drawers a coat of paint...remember, with spray paint, light coats are best and be sure to hold the can about 6-8 inches away from what you're painting so you don't get drips and splatters. 

And shake your can OFTEN!  I am constantly shaking the can as I am painting. 

After I painted the drawers, I painted the body of the dresser with spray paint. 

I'm not really sure why I even bother laying down drop cloths, plastic, sheets, or boxes...I end up getting paint all over the garage floor anyway.  My poor husband is a saint for never getting on me about it, I know it bugs him, poor guy!

I painted the top with spray paint as well, but since it's such a large surface, I ended up going over it again with a foam roller and Rustoleum Black Satin in a can I already had on hand.  Spray paint gives a great finish, but for me, when the surface is larger I end up seeing "lines" in my spray paint, and I'm much happier with the coverage of a roller. 

So, I got my finish nice and even with the foam roller and paint from a can.  Let that dry, and brushed on some polyurethane with a foam brush.  Just one thin coat, and careful not to over brush. 

I put my knobs back on to see what I thought, and I love, LOVE, love the aged bronze against the black.  It's gorgeous. 

This dresser is the perfect fit in our family room!  I love how sometimes it seems like if you just wait, the perfect furniture or decor items just come to you! 

How great are these drawers?!  I didn't bother to paint them or to finish painting the sides of the drawers.  I figured no one but me would really pay attention to that much detail.  This project took me about 5 cans of spray paint, so I didn't feel like buying any more for the drawers. 

I keep my coupons in this one.  I love the divider!

Recognize the other yard sale find?

I put the .10 wooden tray on a pedestal (DO those things have a name?), on top and added some greenery.  I love it and I'm so glad I didn't immediately attack it with spray paint like I was inclined to.  The black of the dresser ties in to the FAMILY photo frames and a few other items in the room, and the wood tones flow well with my kitchen cabinets (it's a really open floor plan for the kitchen/family room), and the end tables in the family room. 

Here's a better picture of the whole room, but it's a little disheveled since this is right after the carpets were cleaned.  The curtains are usually hanging to the floor and not bunched up in the window, and the basket with rolled up blankets on the fireplace is usually more to the right than it is here. 

I am super happy with this dresser and how perfectly it fits in this space for us, not only from a decor stand point, but also functionality!  We use this dresser every day!