Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yard Sale Finds

I love yard sales, second hand stores, and hand me downs.  I even keep an eye out as we're driving down the street for a good Roadkill Rescue!

Here are a few recent yard sale finds...

I was thrilled to find this dresser.  I was on the lookout for just the right piece for my family room, and this was it!  It's solid wood, and gorgeous.  Unfortunately the color wasn't right, and the top needed a lot of work, it had chunks missing and bubbled up areas.  The back was falling off as well...but it had great bones and was only $25! 

My sweet husband went to go get the car for it while I practically sat on it waiting for him, hehe!  Then I tried to help him lift it, and couldn't, so he picked the dresser up by himself and carried it to the car!  What a man! 

I'll write up a new post just for this baby to show you what I did to it.

Scored this desk for the girls' play room.  It was $5.  FIVE DOLLARS!  I might end up painting it for them, but for now it's in there as is.  Pardon the mess on it.  If something is hanging out in my garage I end up using it to set stuff on. 

This little candle holder with a beaded lamp shade was $2.  I picked it up, then put it back and walked around more.  Then I picked it up again.  And put it down again.  Then I was chatting with the people running the yard sale and they mentioned all the proceeds go to charity, and this particular yard sale was funding a mission trip.  I picked it up again brought it home.  I figured if I picked it up twice, $2 was worth it and it's a good solid candle holder, the price sticker was still on it from Kohl's and if I recall correctly it was $20.99.

The frames were .50 each.  Great deal for 8x10 frames.  They each got a coat of white spray paint.  One is now in my living room and the other in my daughter's room.

Isn't it pretty?  The beaded lamp shade is just the right color for my kitchen.

I picked up this framed picture for $3!  The price tag on the back read $49.99!  The frame is very heavy. 

Those baskets were 2/$1.  The gentleman selling them actually offered to sell me ALL of his baskets for $3.  There were quite a lot, but I was walking and just couldn't carry that many so I declined.

The wooden tray on a pedestal was TEN CENTS.

That shelf was fifty cents.  My mom had one just like it when I was growing up.  When she saw it, she said she still has it somewhere.  She said it was Home Interiors. 

I picked up the pink lampshade for my daughter's room...it was just .25!

Great bargains, I think!

Here is a peek at where I put the framed wine bottle photo and the little candle lamp I couldn't make up my mind on.  Love them both!  That space on the wall sat empty for months and I knew it just needed something, this worked out great!


  1. Great finds!

    Oh gah, I remember Home Interiors parties well, lol. My Mom and Aunt's basements are probably still full of the stuff.
    I see it in thrift and antiques store a lot. I said it'd be awful if that stuff started selling as antique.

    Looking forward to seeing how your dresser turned out.

  2. My mom said Home Interiors is still around and you can still have parties for them? Wow! I had no idea, lol.