Monday, July 23, 2012


We made these fun little favors for my daughter's Little Mermaid themed birthday party!

All you need is a bag of tootsie pops (I figured parents might not appreciate blow pops, haha!), tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes (you could totally just use little cut out circles and put a black dot on them with a marker too, I'm thinking the circle left being from hole punches would be perfect!)

We just cut the tissue paper into squares, and used two squares on each tootsie pop so you couldn't see the wrapper through.  Wrapped it around the pop.

Then I took pipe cleaners in the same color, and cut them in half.  You'll want four halves.  Take three and wrap one around them to hold them all together. 

Then, just wrap two of the "arms" you just created around the tootsie pop to secure the tissue paper.  Glue on two eyes, and you're done!

I wrapped the lid of a shoe box with more tissue paper, and poked holes in the top to stick the Octo Pops in for "display," and so they didn't get knocked around and the eyes fall off. 

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  1. How cute! That's a great idea for a Little Mermaid or under-the-sea themed party.