Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project = Fail

Ever have a great idea for a project, and you know exactly how to pull it off, and you even have all of the supplies on hand?  It's like FATE!

I was so excited to start this project.  I wanted a letter M for my family room, and I wanted it wrapped in twine.  I didn't have any twine, but I did have a nice big unopened roll of hemp cord.  Close enough!

So I traced a letter M onto an old cardboard box. 

Cut it out.

Started to spray paint the M brown, so if the cord didn't cover perfectly it was okay.

But I ran out of brown.  So I had to use black.  Minor setback.

So, let's get started!

Squeeeeee!  I love this!  It's gonna be so purty!

Hmm...letters are a little tricky to wrap.  And this is taking a lot more cord than I thought.

And then I run out of cord. 

And I can't find anymore of this cord at the store.  :o(


Project = Fail.

Eventually I unwrapped the letter and decided maybe I'll try it on a smaller letter.

I'm still too grumpy with my fail to do that though.


  1. It happens to everyone. The black M looks nice, maybe glue the hemp around the edges and have a new project :)

  2. I tend to get a vision in my head, and it's a challenge to myself to make it happen, haha. It *has* to be completely wrapped! :)

    I did use some of the hemp to embellish some decor in my living room though, since I wasn't using it on that letter anymore.