Thursday, August 2, 2012

Entry Way

So, I already showed you how I used the .10 wooden pedestal tray.

I incorporated the shelf and the taller basket into my entry way.  It's still a work in progress, but for now, it works.

I decided to paint the shelf black.  I just used cheap, .99 a can paint I got from Walmart.  Or maybe Lowe's.  I can't remember, but I think Walmart.  I didn't prime.  In retrospect, I should have since I was dealing with metal here, but it's been a couple months (I'm slow to post!) and the only thing having an issue is the hooks, and only the most used hooks are chipping just slightly.  I may end up brushing some paint on that is meant for metal so I don't have to take it down and spray it again. 

I did end up going over my cheap spray paint with a light coat of Rustoleum Textured spray paint in black.  I was thinking this would give it more of a wrought iron feel.  

I like it!  I put the umbrellas on it, took the picture and then decided not to keep umbrellas on the hooks, to keep them just for keys.  We have a lot of keys.  The fire fighter has keys for so many different things.

So, here is my entry way in progress!  Eventually I'd like to take down the light fixture and give it a coat of oil rubbed bronze...but, if I do that, I know myself and I know I'm going to want to take off the door knobs and replace them or paint them orb too.  And that is a lot of work to paint them all, and a lot of money to replace them painting would probably win out, much work!  And so many other things to do first! 

I decided to put umbrellas in my .50 yard sale basket!  I took them off the hooks on the shelves because I could just see my little monkeys trying to hang from an umbrella and the shelf would come crashing down, haha.  Much safer over here in the basket.


  1. Sweet! Looks way better painted, imo. Basket turned out great for holding umbrellas!